Introducing the all new location tracking collar that communicates with you

Locate your pet when it's lost, with embedded GPS and mobile technology

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Feel your pet's mood with KYON Sense Technology

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Know when your pet is feeling hot or cold.

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A gentle way to stop barking with KYON Shhh...! technology

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KYON is the thinnest GPS pet tracker collar today,that looks and feels like a regular collar.

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KYON can be used exactly as your pet's older collar.
One collar for all uses.

A battery life of up to 30 days means that you can put it on your pet and forget it.

KYON looks cool on any pet!

How does it work?

Your phone or the KYON Basestation acts as a beacon between the collar and the outside world, through your home Wi-Fi or cellular network.

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Never lose your pet again

The collar will notify you, wherever you are, of the exact location of your pet, via a cellular data connection.

Feel your pet's mood with KYON Sense technology

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A gentle way to stop barking with KYON Shhh...! feature.

An ultrasound that only your little one can hear is emitted from the collar and barking immediately stops!

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Know when your pet is feeling hot or cold.

A Heat sensor on the collar detects the surrounding temperature and informs you directly on your phone.
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Hide and seek made easy with the push of a button.

The KYON App

The KYON application offers a bunch of abilities enhancing further your connection with your pet. Download the application, available on App Store and start enjoying KYON’s powerful abilities.
The app will be available in the following markets:

Change your
pet's life today with KYON

Service fee*: $ 4,99 /month 
Excluding Taxes and shipping costs.
*This monthly service fee covers the cost to use the cellular network which enables the collar owner to locate his pet when not in range with the Basestation or the cell phone.

KYON offers you the opportunity to make this jewel yours for your beloved pet in highly discounted price.

Don’t miss this chance and Pre-order now!

(Annual subscription plan. In-App purchase 3.99$/month)
Pre-order now!

KYON Pet Tracker Wins Silver IDSA International Design Excellence Award® (IDEA®) 2016

KYON has been named a silver winner in the communication tools category by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the most prestigious international design competition in the world.

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